My Story & Promise to You!

Hello, my name is Jim Miner, owner and photographer at iLivephotography, LLC.

“Live in the moment.  Relax.  

Be yourself and enjoy.” 


Good advice for everyday - and how I want you to feel during one of our sessions.

The name of my company, “iLivephotography”, comes from the fact that, when I’m behind the camera, I live my best self and find an energy and inspiration that moves me forward in life. In that same light, when I photograph an event or a person, I want to capture not only the subject matter, but the spark and essence of that moment in your life.  

My promise to you is that, while our paths come together for a short time during a photo session, we are creating memories for each of us, that will last a lifetime.

Let’s get together and find the right way to capture those moments for you.


Thanks for visiting,

- Jim Miner

iLivephotography, LLC brings a professional, vibrant approach to Senior Photos, Family Portraits, Special Events and more in Dubuque, Iowa and surrounding areas.

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